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Bonded Warehouse Licence in Bangladesh।
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Bonded Warehouse Licence in Bangladesh

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Bonded Warehouse Licence in Bangladesh
Bonded Warehouse Licence in Bangladesh

In this article we will discuss about the Bonded Warehouse Licence in Bangladesh. Bonded Warehousing facility allows export-oriented industries to import inputs/raw materials and packaging materials without paying any duty or tax. Depending on the types of inputs/raw materials used, the purpose of their use, and the type of exports, bonded warehouses are basically of two categories: Special bonded warehouse and general bonded warehouse.

  • Special bonded warehouse applies to 100% export-oriented readymade garments industries, which include woven garments, knitwear and sweater manufacturing industries.
  • General bonded warehouse applies to other 100% export-oriented industries.

As per the Customs Act, 1969, the National Board of Revenue (NBR) provides Bonded Warehousing benefits to a wide range of industries. There are a considerable number of Statutory Regulatory Orders (SROs)/standing orders and office orders issued by the NBR and the Customs Bond Commissionerate’s on this matter.

Documents required for Bonded Warehouse Licence in Bangladesh

  • Application with appropriate revenue stamp
  • BIDA/BSCIC registration certificate
  • Company TIN and Certified copy of wealth statement issued by Income Tax Department (IT-10B) for all directors/owner
  • Trade Licence
  • Fire Licence
  • Value added tax (VAT) Registration certificate (Business Identification Number-BIN)
  • Recommendation by concern business association (if applicable). If applicant is not member of association, he can apply without recommendation for Bond Licence.
  • Name, designation, present and permanent address, signature and photo attached/put on non-judicial stamp of value BDT 300/-of owner/directors. It should be duly notarized by competent authority and be attested by the lien bank(s).
  • Boiler certificate (if applicable)
  • Original copy of Memorandum and Article of Association and Certificate of Incorporation issued by RJSC&F (if applicant is a company)
  • Purchase document for machinery. Invoice and Bills of Entry for import and VAT invoice for

local purchase

  • Two copies of layout plan of factory. It could be ammonia printed and duly signed by

registered engineer

  • Deed of land/space ownership or duly notarized rental deed (in case of rental space)
  • Affidavit to follow the law, rules and procedures on non-judicial stamp of value BDT 300/-by Managing Director/Proprietor/Sole Partner. It could be duly notarized by competent authority
  • Certificate from lien bank(s) that the applicant has financial strength to submit General

Bond of appropriate amount of money

  • Treasury receipt for deposited license fee (BDT 10,000/)

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