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How To Make VAT Registration Certificate in Bangladesh
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How To Make VAT Registration Certificate in Bangladesh

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How To Make VAT Registration Certificate in Bangladesh
How To Make VAT Registration Certificate in Bangladesh

Getting VAT Registration Certificate in Bangladesh is now online and you get your VAT registration Certificate completely via online. you do need to go to any government office for this.

All businesses are required to have a VAT Registration Certificate, following which the next requirement – Business Identification Number (BIN) — can be obtained. The VAT paid by businesses are calculated on the basis of their annual turnover. VAT is imposed on goods and services at each stage of import, manufacturing, supply and trading.

VAT registration certificate is a requirement for carrying out business operations such as participation in tender, banking activities besides export and import.

The registration threshold under the new VAT procedure is BDT 8 million and enlistment threshold is BDT 3 million.

Annual turnover (BDT)Turnover tax (%)
Less or equal to 300,00,00None
Over 300,00,00 to 800,00,003%
Over 800,00,0015%

VAT Registration Process in Bangladesh

VAT registration is free and the process does not require attachment of documents. The registration form is called VAT 2.1 or Mushak 2.1, which can be downloaded from the website of the National Board of Revenue or NBR. An applicant can contact NBR’s helpdesk at 16555 for any assistance.

The application will have to be submitted to the concerned VAT commissioner or deputy commissioner. As per proper scrutiny and examination, a registration certificate/turnover tax enlistment certificate in VAT 2.3 form will be issued from the VAT system within three working days and will contain a Business Identification Number (BIN).

The advantages of Business Identification Number (BIN):

  • All import and export activities except baggage import
  • Registration of land or building
  • Obtaining import/export registration certificate
  • Supplying to any withholding entity
  • Participation in any tender process
  • Enlisting with any organization
  • Obtaining bond license
  • Sanction of a bank loan in favor of the registered individual

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